Economic Benefits of Wind Energy

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Economic Benefits of Utility-Scale Wind Energy
Utility-scale wind farm development provides for many economic benefits for Ohio:

  • Wind power requires high-tech manufacturing and installation – providing good paying jobs. Many of those jobs could be here in Ohio as wind power use grows in the U.S. In 2011, Ohio ranked 4th in the nation for wind energy jobs (5,000-6,000 jobs). In 2013, Ohio wind energy jobs fell to 1,000-2,000 jobs, however, in the same year the state boasted the most wind-related manufacturing facilities in the nation at 62 facilities.
  • Wind power adds to the tax base providing new income to local governments.
  • Landowners that have turbines on their property receive direct lease payments and/or royalties from the wind farm.

When compared to the cost of other generation sources wind power is competitive.  In regions with good resources, wind power is cost competitive with new coal and natural gas plants. Considering the environmental costs of other methods of electrical generation, it is likely much cheaper.