The (New) GEO – Welcome Letter from Jane Harf, New GEO Executive Director 



As I begin this exciting journey as Executive Director, I want to introduce myself to GEO members and friends.  I already know many of you from various roles throughout my career, and I’m looking forward to meeting the rest of GEO’s committed supporters.

A lot has happened since 2000 when GEO was founded:  Changes in the legislative and administrative landscape, new entries into the statewide generation mix, and increased awareness and support for the economic and environmental advantages of transformative technologies.  But through it all, your commitment to clean energy has remained steadfast and for that, we thank you.  As we move forward, GEO pledges to continue to support your efforts to expand clean energy in your communities and across the state.

These are challenging times in many ways, and non-profit organizations like GEO must constantly evolve to meet new programmatic and financial demands.  The good news is that GEO has a built a solid reputation over almost two decades, and we have the necessary creativity and flexibility to succeed in the changing environment.   We pledge to find new ways to facilitate projects and identify opportunities that advance GEO’s mission, to expand the ranks of Ohioans with a stake in the clean energy future, and to showcase our collective accomplishments.

So as you ask, “Who is GEO today?” and we respond ~

  • GEO is your home.
  • GEO is your business.
  • GEO is your school.
  • GEO is your neighborhood.
  • GEO is your community.
  • GEO is you.

We’re going to simplify our individual and business membership levels, strengthen our base, and broaden our reach.  I encourage you to visit the GEO website at where you will soon start to see changes that make it easier for you to find information, activities, and news.  And please subscribe to the GEO social media sites on Facebook and Twitter for the most recent updates.

We’re already planning for the 15th Annual Green Energy Tour, taking place the weekend of September 29 through October 1 this year, and we are always looking for tour sites and volunteers. We will be in touch with much more information as this great statewide event approaches, so please stay tuned.

In order to put our resources to the best use possible and maximize programmatic impact, we will be closing the GEO office space in Columbus on July 31.  Our talented and dedicated staff will stay connected to you and to each other through a virtual office and remote working environments.  And we will have plenty of opportunity for face-to-face interaction as we travel Ohio to engage with residents, community organizations, business leaders, and elected officials on key energy issues.

None of us can accomplish our goals alone.  I am here to work on your behalf, and I want to hear from you.  My email address, the new GEO general phone number, and the new GEO address are at the bottom of this note – please do not ever hesitate to reach out.  GEO’s agenda will be driven by our Board, our members, our volunteers – and, most importantly, by our mission, which is more imperative today than ever before.  I am honored to be able to lead GEO into this new era.
Jane Harf

New GEO General Phone Number: 614-563-4068

New GEO Address:
P.O. Box 521
Granville, OH 43023