Sign Up Your Site! Helpful Guidelines for using the ASES Sign Up!

We will be using the ASES website to sign up tour sites for the 2017 GEO Tour ~

One of our volunteers has created some prompts to help you sign up your site. Some of the prompts are required, some are suggested and some are optional.

FIRST STEP:  Click on the button above and choose “new marker” to begin your sign-up

SECOND STEP: Using the prompts below, fill in the required information for you site and consider adding the suggested info. Please note the Description field will take the most time.

1. Title:  Required
Green Energy Ohio Tour: Name of Residence or Business

2. Description: Required to list open dates: 
*Not required to be open all three days!
Sept 29 : _____ to ______
Sept 30 : _____ to ______
Oct   1 :   _____ to ______
Suggested: Parking or Navigation Instructions

  • Also, mention if this will be an unattended drive-by site
  • Time and Date if bus is scheduled to be at your site

Suggested: List Features: PV (array and size in KW), wind (size in KW), grid-tied or off-grid, solar thermal, geothermal, EV, efficiency features, green building, other. You may also want to briefly mention any challenges you faced and if your technology was DIY or installed.
3. Telephone :  optional

4. E-mail :    optional

5. Website:   optional, if you have a personal web site for your home or business

6. Street:     Required

7. Number:  Required

8. Postal:     Required

9. City:         Required

10. Country:     Required

Our goal is to have the majority of our sites entered by Friday, Aug. 24 ~
Contact Corinne at with any questions or concerns ~