Renewable Energy Policy

Green Energy Ohio is excited to ramp up efforts on educating Ohioans on important renewable energy policy issues in 2017.  Although solar and wind power become more affordable every day, we need your support to overcome expected obstacles to growing Ohio’s green energy industry.   See detailed Green Energy Ohio Policy Statements 2015-16.

GEO Policy Watch 2017
In 2017 GEO is planning a second Policy Conference in the Spring.  In addition, the new GEO Policy Watch 2017 will continue monitoring public policy actions and news accounts with on-line links.

GEO & Public Policy Issues in 2016
See detailed Green Energy Ohio Policy Statements 2015-16.

GEO is proud to have organized a 2016 post-election and post-lame duck legislative session conference in Columbus with the theme Ohio’s Green Energy Future: New Leadership & New Strategies.  On Friday, November 18, 2016 at Hilton Columbus Downtown the conference attracted 80 attendees including 6 sponsors and 10 exhibitors.

As 2016 ended after the Election GEO tracked the policy news reports as state legislators attempted to make the Ohio Renewable Portfolio Standard  “voluntary.”  GEO presented testimony in an Ohio Senate Committee on November 29th and testimony in an Ohio House Committee to restore the SB 221 RPS and reasonable wind farm property setbacks.

On December 9th GEO asked Governor Kasich to Veto HB 554 making Ohio’s clean energy standards voluntary.   Fortunately, Governor Kasich vetoed HB 554 on December 27, 2016 allowing the 2008 law (SB 221) with renewable energy and energy efficiency standards to go back into effect after a 2014-16 “freeze.

On April 7, 2016, GEO held its first-ever Ohio Green Energy Policy Conference featuring 30 expert speakers at Ohio State University.  See GEO Policy Statements 2015-16.

Find out more about GEO’s current policy initiatives to advance clean energy through state, federal & local policies along with Policy Issue Updates below.

ACT ON CLIMATE – Build 50% Clean Energy in America by 2030

Join GEO in the growing American coalition supporting 50 percent clean energy by 2030. It’s time for climate action. For too long the conversation has stalled on climate change denial and it’s our responsibility to talk about solutions. America should be a leader in creating a clean energy economy and drive toward the goal of 50 percent clean energy by 2030. Together we can turn this great challenge into a great opportunity. Join the #50by30 coalition and help us change the conversation.

> 50% American Clean Energy by 2030

RESTORE OHIO LEADERSHIP in Clean Energy with Standards, Property Set Backs & Net Metering

It was two years in June 2016 that Ohio’s renewable energy and energy efficiency standards were halted (SB 315) since Ohio established a leading advanced energy law (SB 221) that operated from May 2008 through May 2014 creating thousands of green jobs and improving the environment at hundreds of Ohio homes, farms, schools, businesses and public places showcased on the GEO Tours.

Ohio’s potential for wind energy proven in over 30 GEO wind tests in our past 15 years, remains unrealized as another June 2014 law (HB 483) wind farm property set-backs unlike other states. This un-debated law caused over $3 billion in already certified Ohio wind farms to be halted as uneconomic. It’s past time to release the full opportunity of ever lower cost of solar and wind for Ohioans to use like most of America and the World!

 > Ohio’s Portfolio Standards for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

 > Ohio Wind Farm Property Set-Backs

 > Ohio & National Net Metering

 > PUCO & Ohio Power Siting Board Issues


The Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and Wind Production Tax Credit (PTC) have made America a world leader in clean energy development by helping to lower the cost of renewable energy technologies, especially solar and wind energy. In the face of global competition in clean energy and the use of government subsidies in all of America’s forms of energy, GEO is spreading the word of the extension of the ITC and PTC.   GEO supports the US EPA Clean Power Plan, including expanded use of renewable energy and energy efficiency to improve the environment in our state and nation. We support the measurement and full accounting of renewable energy power generation as Ohio’s contribution to cutting carbon emissions and avoiding use of water otherwise used for cooling power plants.  GEO supports USDA REAP grants to expand clean energy across rural Ohio.

> Extension of Solar & Wind Tax Credits

> US EPA Clean Power Plan (CPP)

> USDA REAP Grants


There are several existing and potential local community options for renewable energy:

> OH-SUN Solar Co-ops Across Ohio

> Community Choice Aggregation

> Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Financing

> Community Solar

> Voluntary PPAs – Power Purchase Agreements for 100% renewable energy used by private Ohio corporations

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