Solar Thermal Rebate Program

Revised Commercial Solar Thermal Program

Effective November 1, 2014:

The Rebate Program is now available for commercial projects, including educational institutions. Project application forms must be submitted in coordination with a qualified commercial installer.

Applying commercial installer must have a Power Business Membership ($500 level) or higher level GEO business membership to apply for the rebate and meet basic qualifications as indicated in the Application Form Part I.

This commercial program is designed to stimulate an estimated $500,000 worth of new commercial solar thermal installations in Ohio by offering rebates for up to 30% of the solar thermal project costs for fluid based systems that provide heating of potable water and/or space heating.

For more information, contact  or call toll-free 1-866-473-3664.

2014 GEO Commercial Solar Thermal Program

Green Energy Ohio (GEO) is a statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting economically and environmentally sustainable energy policies and practices in Ohio. GEO serves as the Ohio Chapter of the American Solar Energy Society.

GEO is pleased to have been selected by The Sierra Club to receive funding to administer a solar thermal rebate program in Ohio. GEO is receiving applications for rebates on solar water heating systems to be installed after November 1, 2014 on commercial properties and educational institutions in Ohio for the primary purpose to supplement water heating and/or space heating. Qualifying applicants may apply for the rebate to cover a portion of the costs of eligible projects. Rebate funds are limited, but subject to program conditions and requirements, qualifying applications will be funded until all the funds allocated for this Notice of Funding Availability (GEO NOFA 14-01) have been exhausted.


  1. Review the basics of solar water heating systems 
    2.   Review the GEO Solar Thermal Overview & Requirements & Application Form with your Installer
  2. Submit completed application form to GEO for approval prior to project completion


Adobe Acrobat Reader software is needed on your computer to view all Forms because they available as PDF documents at the links below. You can download the FREE software at the Adobe Acrobat website, click here.  **If you are having difficulty downloading the documents: save the file on your computer, but change the file extension from .cfm to .pdf.  Then open the file from your computer and you should be able to access the forms.

GEO Solar Thermal Rebate Overview & Requirements & Application Forms (pdf)

GEO Solar Thermal Rebate Overview & Requirements & Application Forms (word doc)


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For all inquires regarding the GEO Solar Thermal Rebate Program, contact the Solar Thermal Program Manager by email at or phone at (614) 985-6131.