Solar Thermal Basics

Please refer to the following resources to better understand solar hot water systems and how they might be right for you.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory – Break-even Cost for Residential Heating in the United States: Key Drivers and Sensitivities

Green Energy Ohio 1-page Solar Hot Water Fact sheet

Green Energy Ohio 16-page Ohio Solar Thermal Consumer Guide

  • Cover and Introduction
  • Background
    • What is Solar Heating?
    • What are the basic components of a solar thermal system?
    • Three Types of Collectors, System Components, Common Types of Systems
  • Investing in Solar Thermal Technology
    • Why should I invest in a solar thermal system?
    • How much will your solar heating system help the environment?
    • How have solar systems improved?
    • Is my home a good place for a solar heating system?
    • How big should my solar thermal system be, and which features should I look for?
  • Collector sizing information for domestic hot water, pools, and space-heating
    • Will I have to change my habits?
    • How can I finance the cost of my solar thermal system?
    • Are there incentives?
    • How much money will my solar thermal system save, and how much will it cost?
    • What are the maintenance issues and repair costs for a solar thermal system?
  • Selecting a Solar Heating Contractor
    • Who sells and installs solar thermal systems?
    • How do I choose amoung solar thermal systems providers?
    • How do I choose among bids?
  • Before you put solar heating to work…
    • Do I need a conventional system as a backup?
    • Will I need any permits or inspections?
    • What about insurance?
    • Will I need Warranties?
    • Will I need a maintenance agreement?
  • Getting Help
    • List of resources
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • System Reference: Common Advantages and Disadvantages