Green Jobs

GEO has several volunteer opportunities. If you would like to get more involved in the organization, e-mail

There are currently no job or internship openings at Green Energy Ohio. Check back for future updates.

Visit the ‘Training Program‘ page for a list of local and national training programs in the green collar job industry.

American Solar Energy Society
American Wind Energy Association
Clean Tech
Environmental Careers Organization
Environmental Career Center
Energy Ideas Clearinghouse
Department of Energy
Environmental Career Opportunities
Green Energy Jobs
Green Jobs Network
Home Power
Jobs & Internships Related to Renewable Energy
National Council for Solar Growth
National Renewable Energy Lab
Non-Profit Jobs/Internships
State of Ohio Jobs
Sustainable Business


Mapping Green Career Pathways (January 2010)
Mapping Green Career Pathways identifies training opportunities in Ohio that prepare workers for green-collar jobs in construction and manufacturing, and that represent key elements of workforce development for these jobs. This report highlights existing programs and provides policy recommendations on how to begin the challenging, but critical, work of building and strengthening green career pathways.