2015 Green Energy Ohio Programs & Activities

The Clean Energy Champion in Ohio: Green Energy Ohio (GEO) is a statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting economically and environmentally sustainable energy policies and practices in Ohio.

Since its creation on October 13, 2000, GEO has served as the state’s premier clearinghouse to inform Ohioans about hands-on use of sustainable energy from solar, wind, and energy efficiency.  Programs and activities over the 2015 calendar year continue GEO’s proud history and statewide presence.  Over the year, GEO provided informative tours, two solar conferences, photovoltaic trainings, a professional magazine and electronic communications widely recognized by private and public sectors and the media.  Click read more below to learn about GEO’s programs and activities during 2015.


Green Energy Ohio News Magazine

GEO produces four quarterly full-color statewide news magazines containing up-to-date regional news, case studies of renewable energy applications and green building techniques, GEO Green Pages which serve as a directory of GEO business members, and a special feature section for each issue. Each issue is available free to view on-line page by page or as individual articles – click on magazine issues below to read on-line.  The magazine is provided as a GEO Membership benefit and distributed at GEO events throughout the year.

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Cover Page Cover

2015 magazine features included (Magazine Covers in photos above):

Ohio’s Big Solar Business: Commercial & Community Applications – Winter 2015

GEO Celebrates 15 Years of Making Ohio Greener – Spring 2015

Ohio Buyers Guide 2015 & Getting Started with Green Energy – Summer 2015

Green Energy Ohio Tour 2015 Preview Edition – Fall 2015

The magazine in 2015 was supported by 44 advertisers, as 39 volunteers authored one or more news and feature articles, in addition to GEO Staff.  The 30 quarterly editions of the GEO News Magazine are the primary chronicle of Ohio green energy development since 2008.

Green Energy Ohio News Magazine 2015 Advertisers
A Renewable America   ♦   Advanced Distributed Generation LLC   ♦   AEP Ohio   ♦   Akron Zoo   ♦   American Renewable Energy and Power   ♦   American Solar Energy Society   ♦   Better Buildings Northwest Ohio – A Toledo Lucas County Port Authority Program   ♦   Decker Homes   ♦   Design Energy, LLC   ♦   Dovetail Solar and Wind   ♦   DP&L   ♦   EcoHouse Solar   ♦   Efficiency Smart   ♦   Everpower   ♦   Farm Science Review   ♦   Go Sustainable Energy   ♦   Green Energy Technologies   ♦   Hull & Associates, Inc.   ♦   Icon Solar Power   ♦   Key Bank   ♦   McNaughton-McKay Electric Company   ♦   Modern Energy   ♦   Motorcars Honda   ♦   New Energy Capital Partners, LLC   ♦   Northel Energy   ♦   Ohio Air Quality Development Authority   ♦   Ohio Solar Electric, LLC   ♦   Paradise Energy Solutions   ♦   Red Hawk Energy   ♦   SoCore Energy, an Edison International Company   ♦   Solar Power & Light   ♦   SolarMax Inc.   ♦   Spade Contracting LLC   ♦   Star Energy Partners   ♦   Structural Solar LLC   ♦   SunLit Solar   ♦   SunRock Solar   ♦   The Solar House at the Westcott Center   ♦   The Utilities Group   ♦   Third Sun Solar   ♦   Toledo Museum of Art   ♦   Williams, Allwein & Moser, LLC   ♦   Wright Center for PVIC – The University of Toledo   ♦   YellowLite

GEO also maintains active daily Ohio and National News posts on GEO Facebook and GEO Twitter.  Also see 2015 stories with GEO in the News.

13th Annual Green Energy Ohio Tour

GEO conducts the annual Green Energy Ohio Tour in conjunction with the ASES National Solar Tour, in what has become the largest demonstration of installed renewable energy technologies and energy-efficient building practices in the U.S. Each October, thousands of people tour renewable energy-powered and energy-efficient homes and buildings to learn from homeowners and experts how solar technology works, what it costs, and why it makes sense. GEO also maintains the Tour web site over the entire year, to serve as a clearinghouse to pinpoint hundreds of clean energy sites in Ohio.

On October 2, 3 & 4, 2015, the GEO Tour featured solar, wind, energy efficiency, biomass and other green designs with 110 tour sites with 186 open houses, 14 guided tours in 62 communities across 29 counties.  The event included 24 businesses, 68 homes, 3 parks, 15 public sites and 12 schools.  Over 1,300 tour goers visited these sites that featured the products and services of 151 businesses.

2015 Premier Tour Sponsor
American Renewable Energy and Power, LLC

2015 Featured Tour Sponsors
Design Energy  ♦ Ecohouse Solar   ♦   Dayton Power & Light   ♦   Ohio Solar Electric   ♦   Third Sun Solar   ♦   Solarmax, Inc   ♦  YellowLite   ♦  SunLit Solar   ♦   Dovetail Solar & Wind

2015 Supporting Tour Sponsors
Decker Homes   ♦   Everpower   ♦   Advanced Distributed Generation   ♦   SolarVision   ♦   A Renewable America   ♦   KeyBank   ♦   Akron Zoo   ♦  Motorcars Honda ♦  Turner Foundation

Over the past 13 years, GEO Tours have showcased 839 specific tour sites in 66 of Ohio’s 88 counties.

GEO Conferences & Workshops

Ohio’s Big Solar Business: Commercial & Community Solar Applications
On March 27, 2015 Green Energy Ohio held a workshop focusing on the visibility and viability of large scale (>1 MW) solar energy installations in Ohio. The workshop was titled Ohio’s Big Solar Business: Commercial & Community Solar Applications, and was held at the Toledo Museum of Art’s (TMA) Glass Pavilion. The event lasted from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, was attended by 125 people from across the state, and featured 19 expert speakers, 10 trade show exhibits, two tours of the TMA, a Young Professionals Reception and an EV Showcase.

Supporting Partners for the event were: Great Lakes Renewable Energy Assn. (GLREA), Toledo Regional Chamber of Commerce, Electric Auto Association of Northwest Ohio, and GG&T Solutions for Education.

Megawatt Workshop Sponsor
SoCore Energy

Green Star Workshop Sponsors
Dovetail Solar & Wind   ♦   McNaughton-McKay Electric Company   ♦   Solar Power & Light   ♦   Toledo Lucas County Port Authority   ♦   Toledo Museum of Art   ♦  Wright Center for Photovoltaics Innovation and Commercialization

Advancing Ohio Green Energy
Championing sustainable environmental and economic policies the past 15 years, Advancing Ohio Green Energy presented by Green Energy Ohio (GEO) featured a 15th Anniversary Banquet Dinner, Expert Speakers Conference Workshops, Green Expo Trade Show, Spring Tour & 4th Annual EV Tour del Sol Cruise-In. See the 2014 GEO Annual Report for the statewide, non-profit’s 15th Annual Meeting. Supporting Partners for Event: Clean Fuels Ohio & Ohio Interfaith Power & Light

Megawatt Event Sponsor
Hecate Energy

Green Star Event Sponsors
Energy Optimizers, USA    ♦   Solar Power & Light   ♦   SolarVision

A Better Focus Co.   ♦   Third Sun Solar

GEO Northeast Ohio Solar Conference
The nation’s largest solar canopy on an auto dealer’s single structure was the centerpiece for the July 23, 2015 GEO Northeast Ohio Solar Conference at Honda Motorcars in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Titled Powering Business & Communities, the day-long event attracted 114 attendees and featured 12 expert speakers, a half dozen exhibitors and a guided tour of the 335 kW solar canopy and innovative newly constructed parts of Motorcars Honda.

The solar conference focused on how the largest or commercial size solar arrays of 100 kilowatts and larger are working to save money and how to assess, finance and build large solar for business and public places and emerging local community approaches to using solar power.

Super Star Conference Sponsor
Motorcars Honda

Megawatt Conference Sponsors
Dovetail Solar & Wind   ♦   Structural Solar, LLC

Green Star Conference Sponsors
KeyBank   ♦   McNaughton McKay

Solar Electric Photovoltaic (PV) Training

In May 11-15, GEO held a Solar Electric Photovoltaic PV Training Program with Jay Warmke, a certified Electronics Technicians Association (ETA) instructor, which was attended by six students at the Melink Company’s Cincinnati facilities. This program allowed beginners to achieve the ETA@ International’s (PV1) level 1 certification.  A shorter, one-day Solar Electric PV Workshop will also be held on November 5, 2015.   Jay Warmke is the GEO Board Vice President.

Regional Clean Energy Networking Meetings & Expert Presentations

Clean Energy Networking (CEN) meeting featured GEO Board Members in several regions of Ohio during 2015.  At Westerville in March, in Berea in May and in Piqua in July, GEO Board Secretary and Ohio Farm Bureau Federation’s Energy Expert Dale Arnold discussed how advances in technology have made renewable energy equipment, particularly for solar and wind, more practical than it was just five to 10 years ago.  See his presentation: Do Your Homework While Investing in Renewable Energy.  Dale’s presentation also appeared as an article in the Spring 2015 GEO News Magazine.  In September, GEO Board Member and architect Jack Hedge presented Use of an Electric Vehicle Greatly Reduces the Return on Investment Period for a Solar Array in Worthington Hills.  This summarized Jack’s technical paper presented in July at SOLAR 2015, the National Solar Conference of the American Solar Energy Society (ASES) at Penn State University.

Other 2015 CEN Meeting presentations were: at Berea in July with Clint Pemberton, Quasar Energy Group explaining how wasted food is turned into renewable energy in Working Together to Build an Industry and in October in Westerville by GEO Executive Director Bill Spratley presenting a Preview of the 2015 GEO Tour.

After introducing one of Ohio’s first discussions of Community Solar as part of the March 27th Ohio Big Solar GEO workshop in Toledo, GEO Executive Director Bill Spratley keynoted the “Community Solar Forum: Make It Ours!” seminar in Alliance in September with his presentation: Community Solar in Ohio.   Also in September in Cincinnati, GEO Wind Program Manager Emily Sautter participated as a speaker at the SW Ohio Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineer’s (AEE) 2015 Ohio Energy Market Update Conferencwith a presentation on Changes to Ohio’s Renewable Portfolio Standard.

GEO Exhibits at Statewide and Regional Events

Green Energy Ohio staff and volunteers presented exhibits at:

  • EARTHFEST 2015 at Cuyahoga Fairgrounds at Berea in April as  Ohio’s largest environmental education event and the longest running Earth Day celebration in the nation attended by thousands this year.
  • Great Lakes Renewable Energy Fair near Lansing, Michigan in July.
  • SOLAR 2015 – The 44th ASES National Solar Conference at Penn State University, State College, Pennsylvania.  Read and hear GEO Executive Director Bill Spratley’s interview at the conference on CleanPowerPlanet.com  Bill was inducted as a Fellow of the American Solar Energy Society during the conference.
  • ECOFEST – Grove City’s first ever green event in August.53rd Annual Farm Science Reviewthe three day event occurring in September attracting over 100,000 visitors near London.

Solar Thermal Rebates

Green Energy Ohio in November 2014 modified its Solar Thermal Rebate Program for commercial scale installations to provide up to 30% of the project cost.  During 2015, GEO reimbursed a total of $39,156 via one residential grant and three commercial grants.Since 2009, GEO has awarded 46 rebates to homeowners, businesses and educational institutions across Ohio.

Ohio Wind Projects and Ohio Local Partner in Midwest Regional Resource Center

GEO has collected wind speed data at heights of 50 meters or more across Ohio at 31 locations, and performed several wind turbine feasibility studies for businesses, municipalities, schools, and institutions.  GEO managed the Ohio Anemometer Loan Program (ALP) from 2006 to 2013. The ALP provided wind-monitoring services, such as site inspection, equipment installation, data validation and program management to schools, businesses, and municipalities who lacked capital and expertise to perform these pre-development tasks. Six former ALP participants have moved forward with wind turbine projects.

Green Energy Ohio is a partner organization of the Midwest and Prairie Regional Wind Resource Center, led by Windustry, a non-profit based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The Center focuses on a 10-state region: Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Ohio, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.  This Wind Resource Center is one of six selected in a competitive process by the U.S. Department of Energy.