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Here’s your chance to support green energy in Ohio!

This year, we celebrate 15 years of showcasing the growth and expansion of renewable energy, energy efficiency and green design across Ohio. The Green Energy Ohio Tour provides a unique opportunity for Ohioans to see firsthand how members of their community are living and working with clean energy technologies.

In the past five years, the Tour has had an average of over 100 sites with at least one Tour site in 58 of Ohio’s 88 counties. The sites included homes, businesses, public buildings, parks, and churches.  On average, 2,000 people witnessed a range of technologies, including solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, and energy efficiency systems.  Surveys have shown that participants came away with a greater knowledge of green energy opportunities and increased interest in pursuing some of the options.

The 2017 tour will take place the weekend of October 1- 2 and is presented in partnership with the American Solar Energy Society’s National Solar Tour.

Select and Reserve your Sponsorship below. Contact Corinne at for more information!

15th Annual Green Energy Ohio Tour Sponsorship Opportunities

Opening Reception Sponsorship
This year we will kick off the weekend with an opening reception to thank our sponsors, participants, and volunteers.  The Opening Reception Sponsor will have the opportunity to design a package of financial and in-kind support that features their enterprise and role in the Ohio clean energy community. In addition, they will receive all benefits for prime sponsorship shown below.

Prime Sponsorships: $1,500 

Prime sponsors will receive:

  • Company feature with photos in GEO Tour Program
  • Logo and website link on GEO Tour website and logo on all promotional material
  • Company mention in all statewide and local event press releases
  • Sponsorship highlighted in all Tour email announcements and social media promotions
  • GEO business membership and two individual memberships
  • 25 Tour programs and permission to use GEO logo in affinity advertising

Showcase Sponsorships: $1,000 
*Select one metropolitan media area for targeted promotions

Showcase sponsors will receive:

  • Company profile with photo in GEO Tour program
  • Logo on GEO Tour website and promotional material
  • Two local metropolitan press releases to be done in coordination with sponsor highlighting local tour sites
  • Company profile and local tour sites featured in one statewide email promoting the Tour and on social media
  • GEO business membership
  • 20 Tour programs and permission to use GEO logo in affinity advertising

Event Sponsorships: $500  
*Select one metropolitan media area for targeted promotions

Event sponsors will receive:

  • Company profile in GEO Tour program
  • Logo on GEO Tour website and promotional material
  • Company profile featured on social media
  • GEO Business Membership
  • 15 Tour programs and permission to use GEO logo in affinity advertising


Sign up your Site TODAY!

Sign Up Your Site

We will be using the ASES website to sign up tour sites for the 2017 GEO Tour ~

Click on the button above and choose “new marker” and sign up your site ~ Please be patient as it will take a few days to have your site approved, our goal is to have the majority of our sites entered by Friday, Aug. 24 ~
We appreciate everyone’s patience as we move to this new platform ~ I will be reaching out to everyone who has expressed an interest in signing up a site by phone and or email in the next week to make sure they have the info to sign up ~
Contact Corinne at with any questions
or concerns ~


Time for a Tour!

new tour logo

I’ve been hearing from many of you across the state with questions about this year’s Green Energy Tour.  As you may know, it had originally been scheduled for June, when it was held last year.  In May, Board President Chris Meyer informed GEO membership that it would be postponed by several months, to the traditional time in early fall.  As a result of the heavy GEO event schedule last spring and the leadership transition, the Executive Committee decided to reschedule the Tour for the weekend of September 30 – October 1.It’s amazing to think that this event began 15 years ago as the Ohio Solar Tour.  Back then renewable energy was a novelty in many areas, and information on these systems – particularly at the residential level – was often hard to find.  Today neither of those is true.  Thanks to you and others who believed in the potential of clean energy, these technologies have become abundant and a simple Google search will generate more than eight million references!   Does this mean that we don’t need the Tour anymore?  Our answer is “no” – as with many traditions, the Tour is evolving.  It is becoming an opportunity to celebrate our accomplishments and showcase the possibilities.

We plan to make up for our late start by focusing exclusively on the Tour for the next two months, and we are here to support your local efforts in any way we can.  Because this is my first Tour as Executive Director, I want to hear from you in regard to your needs.   We have already made some changes based on feedback from previous years.  For example, this year the Tour will take place on Saturday and Sunday only – Friday open houses were not well attended and discouraged some from participating.  In Columbus we plan to use Friday evening for an opening reception that will bring together sponsors, volunteers, and participants to celebrate the Tour’s 15th birthday.   It would be great to see Tour birthday parties across the state – informal events where GEO supporters and community members can give yourselves a well-deserved pat on the back for your hard work over a decade and a half.

Some of you have noticed our website challenges – our first priority is to update the site.  We have an abundance of good data from past Tours, including contact lists, and we will be reaching out to you with more information between now and the end of September.  If you want to be sure that your name is on our Tour distribution list, please send an email to

Thank you for your patience and your support of GEO – with your help we will have a great 15th Annual Green Energy Ohio Tour! 

The (New) GEO – Welcome Letter from Jane Harf, New GEO Executive Director 


Jane Harf Head Shot


As I begin this exciting journey as Executive Director, I want to introduce myself to GEO members and friends.  I already know many of you from various roles throughout my career, and I’m looking forward to meeting the rest of GEO’s committed supporters.

A lot has happened since 2000 when GEO was founded:  Changes in the legislative and administrative landscape, new entries into the statewide generation mix, and increased awareness and support for the economic and environmental advantages of transformative technologies.  But through it all, your commitment to clean energy has remained steadfast and for that, we thank you.  As we move forward, GEO pledges to continue to support your efforts to expand clean energy in your communities and across the state.

These are challenging times in many ways, and non-profit organizations like GEO must constantly evolve to meet new programmatic and financial demands.  The good news is that GEO has a built a solid reputation over almost two decades, and we have the necessary creativity and flexibility to succeed in the changing environment.   We pledge to find new ways to facilitate projects and identify opportunities that advance GEO’s mission, to expand the ranks of Ohioans with a stake in the clean energy future, and to showcase our collective accomplishments.

So as you ask, “Who is GEO today?” and we respond ~

  • GEO is your home.
  • GEO is your business.
  • GEO is your school.
  • GEO is your neighborhood.
  • GEO is your community.
  • GEO is you.

We’re going to simplify our individual and business membership levels, strengthen our base, and broaden our reach.  I encourage you to visit the GEO website at where you will soon start to see changes that make it easier for you to find information, activities, and news.  And please subscribe to the GEO social media sites on Facebook and Twitter for the most recent updates.

We’re already planning for the 15th Annual Green Energy Tour, taking place the weekend of September 29 through October 1 this year, and we are always looking for tour sites and volunteers. We will be in touch with much more information as this great statewide event approaches, so please stay tuned.

In order to put our resources to the best use possible and maximize programmatic impact, we will be closing the GEO office space in Columbus on July 31.  Our talented and dedicated staff will stay connected to you and to each other through a virtual office and remote working environments.  And we will have plenty of opportunity for face-to-face interaction as we travel Ohio to engage with residents, community organizations, business leaders, and elected officials on key energy issues.

None of us can accomplish our goals alone.  I am here to work on your behalf, and I want to hear from you.  My email address, the new GEO general phone number, and the new GEO address are at the bottom of this note – please do not ever hesitate to reach out.  GEO’s agenda will be driven by our Board, our members, our volunteers – and, most importantly, by our mission, which is more imperative today than ever before.  I am honored to be able to lead GEO into this new era.
Jane Harf

New GEO General Phone Number: 614-563-4068

New GEO Address:
P.O. Box 521
Granville, OH 43023

2017 GEO Tour

2017 GEO Tour
Moved to September 29, 30 and October 1, 2017

2017 Fall Tour collage

The 15th GEO Tour originally set for June 16, 17 and 18, 2017 is postponed to September 29, 20 and October 1, 2017 coinciding with the National Solar Tour Month of the American Solar Energy Society (ASES).

The Board of Directors and I are moving the 2017 GEO Tour dates to maintain the quality of our signature educational event.  We have joined with hundreds of volunteers to feature open house visits to nearly 900 solar, wind, energy efficiency and related green technology sites across 67 of Ohio’s 88 counties in the GEO statewide tours the past 14 years.

I ask the tour site owners and our tour volunteers to help GEO in making the Fall Tour one of the best ever.  ASES has declared October as National Solar Tour Month as the ASES 2017 National Solar Conference will be held in Denver, Colorado on October 9-12 in conjunction with the intercollegiate Solar Decathlon.   We are now setting the 2017 GEO Tour on September 29, 30 & October 1 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Thanks for your support of green energy.  Ohio now has nearly 2,300 solar electric installations working every day in all 88 counties.  Join us to help GEO again present a terrific sustainable energy showcase across the state this fall.