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Green Energy Ohio’s 2015 Thanksgiving Thoughts Looking Forward to 2016 –

As GEO gives thanks this year… we thank our hundreds of GEO Volunteers, Sponsors, Partners and Supporters for greatly assisting our dedicated, four person GEO Staff (Bill, Emily, Barry & Corie) in 2015! We are proud to have joined you to produce a Greener Ohio and we look forward to 2016 with your support.

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7 Reasons to Gift GEO on
“Giving Tuesday, December 1st”!

1 – Our 13th statewide, free, educational Fall 2015 GEO Tour – still the largest in the U.S. on Oct. 2,3 & 4 showcased 186 Open Houses with 14 Guided Tours featuring solar, wind and energy efficiency in 62 Ohio Communities. In 2016 our biggest statewide tour will be moved to June 2, 3 & 4 as the Spring GEO Tour to better educate Ohioans on the expiration of the Federal Investment Tax Credit and other key policy issues – join us in this effort!

2 – The quarterly full-color GEO News Magazine with 30 editions since 2008 – Ohio’s only publication highlighting our state’s growing green energy installations creating jobs and a better environment.  In February 2016 the Winter GEO News Magazine will focus on Ohio Green Energy Key 2016 Policy Issues.

3 – An informative new GEO Web Site in 2015 and active daily Social Media news posts on GEO Facebook, GEO Tour Facebook, Twitter as well occasional posts on Linkedin, Instagram and YouTube continuing into 2016.

4 – Major 2015 Green Energy Educational Events were the first-ever Ohio’s Big Solar Business: Commercial & Community Applications Workshop in Toledo in March; Advancing Ohio Green Energy at GEO’s 15th Annual Meeting in Columbus in May, and; GEO Northeast Ohio Solar Conference in July in Cleveland Heights.  In 2016 GEO will continue statewide and regional public outreach with exhibits and quality educational materials include GEO at Earth Day, Farm Science Review and other events including Conferences, Workshop, Clean Energy Network Meetings as well as a big Spring GEO Tour.

5 – A 5-day PV Solar Certification Training with an Electronic Technicians Association (ETA) instructor Jay Warmke was held in July near Cincinnati and a new 1-day PV Solar Workshop was offered in Akron in November.  In 2016 the 5-day GEO PV Solar Certification Training will again be offered on July 18-22 near Cincinnati and four 1-day GEO PV Solar Workshops will feature ETA Instructor Jay Warmke around Ohio at locations to be announced.

6 – In 2015 continuing into 2016 GEO offers Ohio’s only Solar Thermal Rebate for commercial solar thermal systems and a scientific Wind Monitoring Program with Ohio’s Only Public Wind Energy Database.

7 – For residential Ohioans served by investor-owned electric utilities and who would like to buy green electricity, GEO is continuing from 2015 into 2015 a partnership with AEP Energy to offer a 100% Wind Electricity Option with potential savings to many residential customers.

For more details about the 15th Year of Green Energy Ohio see our 2015 Programs & Activities.

As GEO Gives Thanks, Support Our Efforts with Your Gift to GEO.

GEO Fall Appeal – Help Us Keep Making Ohio Greener!

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Dear Friend, 
If you share in our belief that citizens can actively build a sustainable energy economy for Ohio, please help Green Energy Ohio remain a viable force for change.  We need your financial help today to keep our vision and non-profit services moving forward.

GEO is proud of our efforts over the past 15 years to improve the energy literacy of our citizens.

Our recent annual GEO Tour was again the largest in the nation.

We now face state government policy makers hostile to clean energy backed by powerful lobby group and political contributions.  This lapse in leadership resulted in laws moving Ohio away from most other states who continue to grow green jobs and improve environmental quality.  A state law last year literally stopped $3 billion in certified Ohio wind farms from going forward with construction, despite the fact that Ohio is the leading state in manufacturing facilities for utility-scale wind turbine parts.

While our state government has abdicated support for green energy education and created road blocks for green energy investment, WE continue to champion the benefits of green energy technology. Despite legislative edicts, amidst the rich diversity of our beautiful Ohio, green technology continues to spring up in our backyards, valleys, ridges and on rooftops every day.

A frenzy of customers wanting to install solar, or what I call the “Ohio Solar Rush” in 2016, is expected as the Federal Tax Credit is set to expire at the end of the year.  Quality consumer education will be paramount next year and GEO is prepared to serve in this vital role.

If you BELIEVE as we do, in the heart of GEO, then please consider supporting us with a donation or membership.

– Bill Spratley, GEO Executive Director, the Staff and Board 
of Green Energy Ohio

Help GEO Teach Ohioans About Key Policy Issues in 2016

SOLAR2007RosieLogoHelp GEO Teach Ohioans About Key Policy Issues in 2016
> Act on Climate – Build 50% Clean Energy in America by 2030
> Restore Ohio Clean Energy Leadership: Standards & Set Backs
> Extend & Support US Leadership in Clean Energy Investments
> Grow Ohio Local Community & Business Support for Clean Energy

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We believe in clean air, clean water and in a brighter, greener tomorrow for our children and grandchildren. Your support will help our statewide, non-profit Green Energy Ohio to use our best educational means in 2016 to teach our citizens about how they can make a difference on these key policy issues:

ACT ON CLIMATE – Build 50% Clean Energy in America by 2030:  Join GEO in the growing American coalition supporting 50 percent clean energy by 2030. It’s time for climate action. For too long the conversation has stalled on climate change denial and it’s our responsibility to talk about solutions. America should be a leader in creating a clean energy economy and drive toward the goal of 50 percent clean energy by 2030. Together we can turn this great challenge into a great opportunity. Join the ‪#‎50by20‬ coalition and help us change the conversation.

RESTORE OHIO LEADERSHIP in Clean Energy with Standards & Set Backs:  It will be two years in June 2016 that Ohio’s renewable energy and energy efficiency standards have been halted (SB 315) since Ohio established a leading advanced energy law (SB 221) that operated from May 2008 through May 2014 creating thousands of green jobs and improving the environment at hundreds of Ohio homes, farms, schools, businesses and public places showcased on the GEO Tours.
Ohio’s potential for wind energy proven in over 30 GEO wind tests in our past 15 years, remains unrealized as another June 2014 law (HB 483) wind farm property set-backs unlike other states. This law caused over $3 billion in already certified Ohio wind farms to be halted as uneconomic. It’s past time to release the full opportunity of ever lower cost of solar and wind for Ohioans to use like most of America and the World!

EXTEND & SUPPORT United States Leadership in Clean Energy Investments:  The Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and Wind Production Tax Credit (PTC) have made America a world leader in clean energy development by helping to lower the cost of renewable energy technologies, especially solar and wind energy. In the face of global competition in clean energy and the use of government subsidies in all of America’s forms of energy, GEO urges extension of the ITC and PTC. The ITC will otherwise expire at the end of 2016. Studies show that fossil fuels receive $5 in government subsidies for every $1 renewables receive.
GEO supports the US EPA Clean Power Plan, including expanded use of renewable energy and energy efficiency to improve the environment in our state and nation. We support the measurement and full accounting of renewable energy power generation as Ohio’s contribution to cutting carbon emissions and avoiding use of water otherwise used for cooling power plants.

Ohio’s local communities implementing successful legal options need wider adoption including:
– Community Choice Aggregation in Cincinnati, Cleveland and Athens;
– Property Assessed Clean Energy or PACE pioneered in Toledo and spreading to other communities;
– Community Solar under consideration in several Ohio communities and by Ohio municipal utilities, and;
– Voluntary Power Purchase Agreements or PPAs for 100% renewable energy used by private businesses and other community institutions.

GEO needs your financial support now to help us educate Ohioans in 2016 – Donate to GEO on-line.

See full GEO Policy Statements.   The Winter GEO News Magazine will focus on Ohio Green Energy: Key 2016 Policy Issues.  GEO’s past 30 magazine on-line editions since 2008 recount nearly all of the policy issues listed above.

GEO Supports 50 by 30 American Clean Energy – Join Us!

GEO-spring15magCOVER SizeGreen Energy Ohio supports a national goal of powering America with more than 50% of clean energy by 2030, putting us on a pathway to a completely clean energy economy. GEO commits to help transition America to clean energy which will strengthen our economy, protect national security, and improve public health. (GEO Board & Staff at 15th Anniversary, May 2, 2015 at Ohio State University upper right).

Please join GEO in the “50 by 30″ national campaign to produce more than 50% of America’s power from clean energy sources by 2030 led by NextGen Climate. Learn about NextGen Climate.  Join 50 by 30 on-line.

Earlier this week, NextGen Climate America released a new report showing that building a clean energy economy would create over 1 million jobs in 2030 and up to 2 million jobs in 2050 nationally, including up to 1.2 million new construction jobs. The report found that by shifting to clean energy, household disposable income will increase by $350-$400 in 2030 and by as much as $650 in 205—and families will save $5.3 billion on energy bills in 2030 and $41 billion in 2050. The shift to clean energy will also increase U.S. GDP by $145 billion in 2030 and by $290 billion in 2050.

Green Energy Ohio (GEO) and the American Solar Energy Society were among the first in the nation to calculate the green job creating impacts from solar and wind energy in the 2007 report: RenewabSOLAR2007RosieLogole Energy and Energy Efficiency: Economic Drivers for the 21st CenturyThis report was initially released at SOLAR 2007, the ASES National Solar Conference locally hosted by GEO and attended by 5,000 people in downtown Cleveland in July 2007 (Rosie the Riverter logo for SOLAR 2007 to left).

A year later Ohio enacted a Renewable Portfolio and Energy Efficiency Standards in SB 221 growing Ohio’s clean energy industry only to be halted or “frozen” six years later in mid-2014 by the Ohio lawmakers and governor in SB 315.   See GEO 2015 Policy Statements.

We believe America and Ohio need more green jobs to strengthen our economy, protect national security, and improve public health.  Do You?